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Monday, June 06, 2005

A Message To White Trash Republicans

If you're one of the 'fingers-crossed, lottery playin' members of the republican party (you know the ones I mean. People who don't want to tax the very rich cuz-n' they may be rich real soon if their numbers come up next Wednesday or Saturday), then take a look at this statistic:

Meanwhile, the top 0.1% (in other words, the top thousandth of all taxpayers, 145,000 in all) reap an astonishing 15% of the Bush tax cuts. These people all earn at least $1.6 million a year.

Try to get this through your thicker than frozen molasses soup minds, you heartbreakingly optimistic gambling addicts. Even if you hit the 'super powerball ultra-fuck you mega godzilla' lottery (which you won't), you won't ever, ever, EVER make as much as the people this inbred administration of circle-jerking rich assholes are catering to.

What's that you say? Those people worked hard for their trillions and deserve to keep it? Wrong again, douchewad. 99.9% of the super-rich in this country didn't earn their money through honest means like backbreaking hard work or 'the lottery'. No, most of these people inherited vast sums of money that their grandpappys made through forward-thinking policies like slavery, non-unionized labor and good old fashioned theft and sleazery. Why else do you think our beloved president believes so deeply in using the power of the presidency to help out Jack and Jill Trust Fund? He knows that if he had ever had to actually try and make a living without a safety net, he'd be sucking cock for loose change at any one of our nations fine Greyhound stations.

So quit fooling yourself, you scratch ticket addicted losers. Voting based on unlikely fantasies is not only irresponsible, but just plain dumb.



Anonymous Anonymous blathered...

... this is a sad post.
You should really work on your people skills. You lost me at " White Trash Republicans "

You make your self look bad when you allow stupid things like this get you so upset.

"If you want to get any progress done you must do it in a PROGRESIVE manner not in a negative one. "

1:00 AM


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