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Friday, June 10, 2005


Ahahahahaha!! I get it! Minus ten points for not including the words, 'mass graves' however.

If you've got a second (and who doesn't in these laid-back, Amish-like times we live in?), check out this post by The Rude Pundit called "Howard Dean Will Fuck Your Shit Up.".

The truest line in the whole thing is this;

'Ain't it fun to watch Hannity and Coulter and Gingrich and Hume and all the other hate-filled sociopaths flail about and try to take Dean down? You've seen Dean's arms? Big, thick sons of bitches. He can bear it. And he can throw it back at them. As long as those behind him don't put him in handcuffs.'

When will all the democratic career politicians, battered wives like Joe Biden, Joe Lieberman and Nancy Pelosi realize that cow-towing to these evil power-hungry bastards will not work, ever. Dean may occasionally fly off the handle a little and speak in hyperbole when he called republicans a bunch of rich, white assholes who never made an honest living in their lives. But you know what? That's still not half as bad as the lies that are spread every single day on any one of a million talk radio shows or at any church in the country.

If we're ever gonna turn this thing around, the left have got to stop being such pussies and give as good as they get. Because at this point, the middle-of-the-road democrats just look like bruised-up dorks, apologizing to the school bully for getting blood all over his fist.



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