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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Travelogue, Part Dos

The food in Baja Mexico is for me and the mrs., the only real reason to go there. Being more or less transparent and likely to burst into flames upon direct sunlight, the weather certainly isn't a draw (and in May it starts to get hot, really damn hot). We're not exactly sporting types either, so kayaking, sportfishing, boating and golf are also non-factors.

Nope, for us each time we've gone down to Mulege, every day is just time-killing between meals. Since getting married there 6 1/2 years (!) ago now, we've got a list of places to hit and basically plan on lying down or sitting at a bar for the unfortunate times of the day when we're not hungry.

Night one in Loreto we wandered around for a bit and then went to a place called 'The Macaw Cafe' along the beach. It was set in a bit and heavily shaded so we decided to check it out. Teri got Shrimp tacos and I got a Mixed Seafood Cocktail. Both were incredibly good. Throw in a few margaritas and a beer or two, all for about $8 and it was a good kickoff.

Made it up to Mulege the next day (no thanks to the paranoid, Credit card cancelling a-holes at Fleet), got ourselves hotel situated and went out to dinner at 'Jungle Jims' with my mother and sister. Had good fish and chips and some drinks at the Serenidad's hotel bar.

For lunch the next day, we went to a place whose name always eludes me. Right in downtown Mulege, it's been there forever. Anyway, we both had the Garlic Butter Scallops which were absolutely incredible. Pounded flatter than silver dollars and melted in your mouth. Best meal so far.

Next came the wedding. Now nobody on either family's side are remotely religeous. It's not that we're all secular science-types or anything, it's just that none of us really care to have to get up early every Sunday for something we feel may or may not be bullshit. Anyway, the wedding was held in the old Mulege Mission, and while being very pretty in a Sam Peckinpah shootout kind of way, is also as creepy as a tongue kiss from the Virgin Mary. The Mission is chock full of 'heebie-jeebie' inducing statues of bloody Jesus and various Saints and stuff. Toward the back of the place is a little glass coffin, with a little 5'1" Jesus tucked into it. It was ADORABLE. I told several people that I just wanted to take him home with me and put a little sailor suit on him. Then, after the lightning strike, I paid a little more attention to the ceremony.

The wedding itself was nice, no big deal, took all of about 10 minutes once everyone got started. The odd thing now was that there was a 2 1/2 hour break before the reception started across town. Even the longest drive in Mulege is about 10 minutes, and mountains of food supposedly awaited us there, so what we're meant to do to kill a couple of hours is beyond me. Oh well, we found something to do (glug glug).

One of the things I found the funniest was after the ceremony, when we were trying to figure out how to kill time until the party, my mother, still in the church, started talking about how she was going to go into town to get US Dollars changed into Pesos. That's right, after one of the most blasphemous things you could possibly do (get married in a catholic church without one mention of God or Jesus), my mother is going to THE MONEY CHANGERS. I just figured after that we'd go piss on a manger scene or paint pubic hair on any and all images of Jesus around town.

Well, that's good for this time. Next time we'll discuss why sticking pieces of hotdog into a pineapple with toothpicks doesn't qualify as 'fancy wedding reception food'.



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