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Friday, April 15, 2005

Gentlemen, Rest Your Sphincters!!

Someday, all arguments will be in bracket form.

Taking a cue from original brackets from the fine folks at MSNBC (We're digging our way out of last place!), there's a new and improved Comedy Movie March Madness bracket being created. Comedy nerds such as yours truly and this guy and this guy picked apart the MSNBC model and deservedly so. A few of the glaring errors; Best in show on the list and Waiting for Guffman not, No Preston Sturgess or Ealing comedies, No Cheech & chong, Not enough Wes Anderson, No Repo Man, the inclusion of Ace Ventura and the Graduate... And it goes on like this...

Well have no fear pasty basement dwelling list-makers! A new bracket is being created as we speak, or read, or write or whatever you're doing. You have until tomorrow morning to influence the proceedings by bombarding the listmaker with emails and comments to let him know what's what.

In the original somewhat flawed brackets, I wound up with a final 8 of; Dumb & Dumber, Strange Brew, Caddyshack, Fletch, Lost in America, Office Space, Blazing Saddles, the Jerk. Final 4; Strange Brew, Caddyshack, Office space, Blazing Saddles. And it comes down to Strange Brew v. Blazing Saddles with Strange Brew winning. Don't misundertand those brackets, however. Some of the films that made the final 8 wouldn't even make a list of my top 50, but were placed in such weak brackets that they were the least odorous of the four (Dumb and Dumber is better than Shaun of the Dead, Spaceballs and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, for instance).

But enough about the old brackets, time to march forward. This one may not work out perfectly, but it's bound to be better than a field of 64 that includes such duds as Spaceballs, Happy Gilmore, Bowfinger and A Christmas Story.



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