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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Sa Da Tay...

As a big fan of Pootie Tang and Joe Frazier's nonsensical ramblings (one of which inspired the name of this blog), I'm a believer of the idea that something does not to have to make any sense in order to be funny. You can utter complete and total gibberish and if you know what you're doing, be funnier than 99% of comedians and writers out there.

Which brings us to So Sayeth The Peabs, a weblog that frequently makes as much sense as a homeless man talking in cockney rhyming slang with a cleft pallate and two dicks in his mouth. It also frequently makes me laugh out loud. Here's an example or two:

"And you thought watching "The Bicycle Thief" on 'ludes and kit kat while getting your ass Edvard Munched upon by Mark Fidrych would get you off the island! So naive. "

"My Spidunkadunk Makes Your Vagina Look Like Phil Donahue!"

"Hi cutie! You wanna lappy-lap up Peabs' pre-jazz off of my Rod Carew and make a worldwide fad diet out of it?"

Combine that with a scary obsession with Bill Cosby and you've got comedy gold, or someone with a bunch of corpses in his basement. Either way, makes me laugh.



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sa da tay

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