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Friday, August 27, 2004

Two more Bar Reviews

In the interest of informing those of you in the Bay area, and infuriating those that aren't, here's a couple o' watering holes gone to recently.

The Arrow Bar on 6th just off Market. According to a friend of mine, this used to be the absolute worst part of the entire city of San Francisco. Super dangerous, full of junkies and strung out trannies. But now, thanks to 4 or 5 years of gentrification, it's just full of junkies. Cool bar though. Dark and seedy, with a big neon dragon behind the bartender.

Mauna Loa in the marina. 5 years ago, the marina used to be filled with yuppie douchebags who, if they weren't high fiving each other over the pool table, were talking as loud as possible about what great sales figures they had last month. Well, guess what? It's still exactly the same. The Mauna Loa remains a great space in a stomach churning neighborhood.




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