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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Do the World a Favor and Kill Yourself #2

The second in a series of people who contribute nothing to humankind and withdraw more from society than they could ever hope to deposit.


I might be terribly old fashioned, but I was under the obviously dunder-headed assumption that you join a gym to get in shape. So the fact that you park your behemoth, GMC Denali white trash HumVee across TWO handicapped spots so that you can be within waddling distance to the health club puzzles me to say the least.

You're probably such a huge asshole that you don't even think of your actions anymore. There's no sticker or placard marking your vehicle, and to watch you stride to your gas guzzling family truckster, there's obviously nothing preventing you from taking one of the parking spaces 20 or 30 feet further away.

I'm sure you've built an image in your head that you're way 'too busy' to adhere to simple decency, and figure that the odds are that a real handicapped person won't show up, so who does it hurt? The truth is it hurts everybody, because people like you who've managed to infllate their sense of self-importance to record setting levels cause even the most mundane aspects of living to be a complete pain in the ass. And that's just for other non-handicapped people!

The only time I ever find myself hoping that there's a God is when I see people like you. Because if there is, then I hope he's got a nice little 'accident' planned for you so that you can reap the harvest of selfish myopia that you have sewn into the earth.



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