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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Laura Bush, heartless murderer

Oh sure, it may not as be as convoluted and fun to try and figure out as the Vince Foster killing, but as it turns out, America's constant reminder that women should be quiet and stay in the background.. er.. I mean, first Lady Laura Bush, has also murdered someone. Check it out here.

I can just see George and Laura in high school, getting all shitty on trashcan punch at the cheerleader party, staggering to their cars and driving off. It never crossed their mind to call a cab or get a friend to drive them home. After all, they had powerful friends, and even if they killed someone, it'd just get swept under the rug and they could use the opportunity to become judgemental born again christians and tell everyone else how to live.

So think about that the next time you see Laura Bush. Behind that utterly vacant, stupefyingly obedient stepford facade lies the heart of a real, honest to goodness killer.



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