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Monday, August 30, 2004

Burning Man presented by SunChips

Well it's time once again for that big 'underground' festival of Burning Man. A utopian festival of art and expression completely devoid of banks and credit cards and cash and all other trappings of 'the man'. A chance to experience what life might be like if everyone wasn't driven by greed and advertising and the desire to fit in with the herd and keep up with the Joneses.

Oh yeah, and this year it costs $350 to get in. No, not Three dollars and fifty cents, but THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS!

The only other thing I can think of that people shell out that kind of money for is Tony Robbins seminars. At least with Robbins you know the money will at least afford you the opportunity to be put into a deep trance by staring at his unnaturally white teeth.

What do you get at Burning Man for your $350? The opportunity to hang out with all the programmers you just met at the Star Trek convention the week before? A chance to meet that guy who glues action figures to his car? A chance to get crushed to death by 'art' made by someone with a limited amount of carpentry experience? If you can afford to get in at all, I already know that you're about 350 times less interesting than most people.

And besides, the last time I checked my list of what's in 'Utopia', it had showers and a quality sushi bar.



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