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Thursday, August 26, 2004

The most cursed weekend ever

From now on, the weekend of September 24th - 26th will only be known as THE weekend. I am convinced that I have angered the entertainment gods and am being punished. But the entertainment gods, being very clever (most of them used to be TV sitcom writers), have chosen the form of punishment that they knew would bring me the most grief. "You like donuts? Then have ALL the donuts in the world!!!"

It seems as though everything I love, everything I would want to see or do, everything I would happily shell out cold hard cash to go see, HAS BEEN SCHEDULED FOR THE SAME WEEKEND. Here's a taste:

The Pixies play at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley

My friend Jim is getting married up near Mt. Shasta

Patton Oswalt and Brian Posehn, two of earth's funniest, are doing standup at the Independent in San Francisco

The Aussie Rules Football Grand Final, and the accompanying parties that go with it

Mitch Hedburg appearing with the not quite as funny Steven Lynch at the Warfield.

and finally, the one I'll actually be attending, AIR and Stereolab will be playing the Hollywood Bowl in L.A. with the L.A. Philharmonic Orchestra backing them up.

So I've gone from living in Bridgeport, Connecticut with absolutely squa-doosh to go see and do every weekend (unless I wanted to drive into NY, not drink and leave early), to having everything cool coincide together.

I suppose I should quit my bitchin'. In 5 years I could find myself living in Winnemucka Nevada, crossing my fingers that Daryl Worley will play the county fair.



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