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Monday, August 16, 2004

I can't wait for the beheadings!!

Check out this fantastic article that very convincingly makes the tie between conservatism and aristocracy. I know it's long. Truth is I've only made it through about half of it myself...

Here it is.

It's all true, and drives home my point that if you are not super rich, and you still consider yourself to be conservative, there is something fundamentally wrong with you. You're either laboring under the pipedream belief that trickle down economics works or are just too cynical or afraid to accept the idea that human beings could actually run their own lives.

In other news, did anyone catch that fucking wingnut Alan Keyes on Stephanapolous' show last weekend? Not only did he sing church hymns during the interview, not only did he continue to call Barack Obama's free choice views 'akin to slavemaster thinking', he then went on to say that he's a better black man because he descended from slaves and Obama didn't. Cause we all know how cushy and sweet it is to live in Africa. It's so much harder to be 6 generations removed from slavery than 1 generation removed from Kenya. Anyway, point is, he's fucking nuttier than ever.



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