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Friday, August 20, 2004

Does the Pope Shit in the Woods?

I'm off to Lassen Volcanic National Park for the weekend, but I've taken my faithful audience (Freitas) into account and written a few blasts ahead of time.

Of course, this could all turn out horribly wrong like in the movie 'Capricorn One'. What if I die on Saturday, and there's a post out there for Sunday? Then everyone will know it's fake and they'll have to send the black helicopters after me. Save me OJ! I love that movie. Peter Hyams best work (yes, even better than The Presidio!). If I won the lottery today, I would start pre-production tomorrow on a sequel and get the original cast (James Brolin, Sam Waterston, and OJ Simpson)... Oh wait, Elliot Gould is dead. Ah screw it, wouldn't be the same without Gould...



Anonymous Anonymous blathered...

Elliott Gould is alive and well. No need to scrap your plans!

5:08 PM


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