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Monday, June 21, 2004

Why Kobe Bryant is the worst player in the NBA

Of course he is. There has never been a more selfish, arrogant player in the history of the league. Now that Jerry West is gone, it is so great to watch the Lakers completely implode under the collective weights of Dr. Buss and Kobe Bryant's egos. Much like Jerry Krause in Chicago, Buss and his lapdog, Mitch Kupchack, have no idea how to build a team and it will give me nothing but giggle fits to see the Lakers go 9-71 in a couple of years. Here is the predicted starting lineup of that team:

PG- Gary Payton (Way past his prime and slower than Shawn Bradley at this point)
SG- Kobe (it's his team!)
SF- Marquis Daniels (aquired from the Mavericks as part of the Shaquille O'Neal trade)
PF- Juwan Howard (part of the 3-way deal that sent Tracy McGrady to the Mavericks)
C- Greg Ostertag (claimed off of waivers)

Rudy Tomjanovich will have abruptly quit after 3 months of dealing with Kobe's shit and will then be replaced by Magic Johnson, Kurt Rambis, Randy Pfund, Norm Nixon, and then finally by the Doc's good buddy Kareem Abdul-Jabaar.

Here's to every draft lottery for the next ten years being 'Magic Hour'



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