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Sunday, April 17, 2005

SF-izzy In The Hizzee

A weekly peer into the San Francisco bar scene through a big pair of coke bottle-thick beer goggles. Submitted as usual by barrespondent Drew.

Some people complain that we don't get down to the Marina enough. Totally guilty as charged. And this is even after assurance from residents that it's not all backwards baseball caps, sorority get-togethers and small-plates restaurants. Yes, the Marina probably does get a bad rep from those of us trying to 'out-squalor' each other in neighborhoods like The Mission and Tenderloin, but what're you gonna do?

Believe it or not, however, there are good bar finds to be had on the Danielle Steele side of town. A few reassuring lumps of coal can be found if you sift through the diamond encrusted riverbeds of Union Street and beyond. Perhaps we're over-simplifying it just a little, as I'm sure the average income in the Marina is probably around the same as those 'slumming' it in SOMA. So, expectations be damned! We tuck in our shirt and try to look like we belong after the jump.

One of our personal Marina favorites from way back in the day is the Mauna Loa. This dutch-doored hangout down the street from the Metro Theatre has seen all kinds of levels of popularity. From always-empty alcoholic hangout to filled to the walls fratguy shoutfest, it currently seems to be a little of both. Nice and homey on weekdays and a trial on the ears and senses come friday and saturday night.

Amazingly enough, the staff at the Mauna Loa has remained virtually unchanged. Go there on a weekday night and you'll probably run into one of the regular bartender/owners that have been there for ten plus years. And even if you go on the weekend, regardless of how long you have to wait, you'll be greeted politely and served up a quality beverage by their above par staff.

So if you've just enjoyed some high-brow event at the Palace of Fine Arts, ease yourself back into hipsterville with a stop at the Mauna Loa. After all, it's always interesting to see how your life would've turned out if you'd paid any attention to that guy trying to get you to rush Sig-Ep all those years ago. *shiver*

Liver... Out!!



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