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Friday, April 29, 2005

This Ends Now

Final Four time, and much like the real Final Four, it promises to be anti-climactic and leave you with a feeling of ennui that can only be beaten back with beer.

So on with the matchups:


PAC MAN v. TAPPER: Tapper put up a good fight (most drunks do), but in the end was just a little too tipsy to take out Le masseur de Pac. Perhaps if there had been books at every B. Dalton promising 'winning tips for Tapper' this may have been a tighter match. Winner: Pac Man


ROBOTRON 2084 v. MORTAL KOMBAT: When it gets down to it, I have to have actually played a game more than a couple of frustrating times for it to advance at this level. And while Robotron never spawned 2 techno-blasting movies with Christopher Lambert, it still kicks ass. Winner: Robotron 2084

And now, since I've been such a selfish prick in picking all the winners up to this point, I will now turn it over to you. Vote for either Pac Man or Robotron in the comments and I'll post the winner Monday. If no one votes or there's a 1-1 tie, I'll swoop in on my diamond studded chariot and declare a 'weiner'.

So go ahead and vote! Just because it was meaningless when you did it for president doesn't mean it won't be counted this time*.

* - Votes from Florida and Ohio may or may not be counted.



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