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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Now Why Would I Go And-a Marry My Grand-ma?

If you're not watching MTV2's Wonder Showzen by now, shame on you. I'm not an easily offended person, but each and every week, this show somehow does the impossible by making me incredibly uncomfortable while laughing my goddamn ass off.

To review for the unenlightened, Showzen is done as a parody of a children's show with talking puppets and with only the bare minimum of adult actors. It's simply in-fuckin-credible what this show has been able to get away with. I have a theory that the creators are desperately trying to go out in a blaze of glory with this, their second season. They've already succeeded in getting regular MTV to delay replaying their new episodes by more than a week, just in case they need to do a litle 're-editing'.

Here's just some of the things they've done;

- Had a kid walk up to people at Ground Zero of the World Trade Center and ask them to tell their favorite joke while wearing comedy moustache and glasses.

- A puppet ask sleeping homeless guys, "What are you dreaming about?"

- A parody of Muppet Babies called 'Wonder Showzen Premies'

- A parody of He-Man about a jewish guy who turns big and black called 'He-Bro'

- A cartoon about all the unwanted chinese girl babies thrown into the ocean called 'Chinese Girl Baby Atlantis'

And finally, their crowning achievment, an entire episode devoted to how stupid middle America is. A puppet shaped like all the states that voted republican in the last election comes to the show and winds up cutting everyone's genitalia off and changing the show to fit Middle-American values.

The result?

Horse Apples!!




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