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Friday, June 29, 2007

NBA Draft Coverage, Courtesy of a Sock Puppet With a Slightly Racist Accent...

Apparently, it must be impossible to get thrown out of the NBA Draft...



Blogger chestery blathered...

I'd say it's not a "black accent," but a "blowhard dickwad" accent and thus not racist.

I laughed out loud, in public, at a coffee shop. And did so unabashedly. Thank you for adding a few minutes of total enjoyment to my life.

2:26 PM

Anonymous Anonymous blathered...

For what it's worth, I created this video and voiced Stephen A. It's not a black accent -- I'm black and sound nothing like that -- but it does aspire to, as chestery says, get to the hard of the blowhardness in the Stephen A. persona.
I hope that helps.

11:15 AM


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